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The concept of recycling is not new to the Plastics Industry. The common plastics used for pipe production like PVC and PE are thermoplastics and

readily reprocessed. Scrap generated during manufacture is reground and fed back into the manufacturing process. The industry is also now recycling post consumer waste where pipe is collected from the waste stream and recycled back into pipe products.

Plastics pipes are long life products with an expected life span in excess 100 years so the amount entering the waste stream is relatively small as the products are largely still in their first life cycle. Studies have shown that fabrication and installation processes generate relatively small quantities of scrap and demolition sites provide used material that can be recycled back into primarily non-pressure pipe and conduit applications. In the case of pipes there is already an established range of pipe products that can use recyclate. Future increases in recyclate volumes will be readily accommodated by the demand from these recyclate friendly products.

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