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  • Easy to joint

    The range of useful properties afforded by Emplast PVC makes it one of the most versatile of all pipes

  • easy to handle

    The concept of recycling is not new to the Plastics Industry. The common plastics used for pipe production like PVC and PE are thermoplastics and

  • no water contamination

    Corrosion resistance and resistance to attack by many industrial chemicals make plastics pipes the obvious choice for chemical plant installations. Like with

  • quality raw materials

    The use of plastics pipes in potable water supply applications has been growing rapidly. PVC & Polyethylene pipe have major advantages over

  • Advanced technology

    Water is a lifeline for all farming operations and the security of water is essential. Plastics pipes are available for the wide range of farming

  • Eco-friendly

    PVC pipes and fittings for plumbing and drainage applications is the choice of plumbers wolrd wide. Low cost, light weight, long life expectancy usually

Specialized Markets and Services

Pipe composting

Dimensional & Visual Appearance Test - The Mean outside diameter at any point. Most varieties of pvc pipes in kerala are manufactured in Emplast pvc pipe company.

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In Vertical slip forming the concrete form may be surrounded by a platform on which workers stand, placing steel reinforcing rods into the concrete and ensuring a smooth pour.

Prompt door delivery for our products

PE piping is considered “flexible” pipe. Flexible pipes can deflect up to their allowable deflection limit without damage. Most PE pipes can withstand large amounts of deflection

Bulk orders for projects

PVC-M is a proven development which successfully modifies standard PVC-U pipe formulations and production parameters to safely allow the reduction

professional Research

  • Excavations and tests of PVC pipe in service around the world indicate the pipe material can be expected to provide reliable service in excess of 100years, a new study says.That’s twice as long as some pipe professionals would admit, said Steven Folkman,